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Wire in the Blood: Series 4

Robson Green returns as clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill in a new series of ITV1’s Wire in the Blood- and the cases he faces are the most disturbing yet. Together with a new police chief at the helm, DI Alex Fielding, played by Simone Lahbib, Tony must pit himself against horrific and callous serial killers stalking the northern town of Bradfield.

The four feature-length episodes, made by Coastal Productions, include shocking scenes and terrifying tension. Tony is forced to question whether he still has an uncanny ability to see into the minds of criminals when a convict blames his profile for a miscarriage of justice. Can Tony convince a sceptical Alex that he is still a vital asset to the police? And will Alex, a single mum, let down her barriers and trust Tony’s sometimes bizarre intuition?

The pair’s caseload takes them into dark and dangerous corners to investigate the grisly deaths of young women lured away from home by a sex fiend to become S&M slaves before being killed for pleasure. Tony and Alex must also find the callous killer behind horrific razor blade attacks on prostitutes and investigate a series of brutal executions which appear to be a new form of religious extremism. And, as the evidence stacks against him and his reputation is dangling by a thread, can Tony prove the guilt of a man he believes is a dangerous rapist and murderer?

Episode 1 "Time to Muder and Create", first broadcast on ITV1, 20th September 2006.

Episode 2 "Torment", first broadcast on ITV1, 27th September 2006. 

Episode 3 "Hole in the Heart", first broadcast on ITV1, 4th October 2006.

Episode 4 "The Wounded Surgeon", first broadcast on ITV1, 11th October 2006.