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Wire in the Blood: Series 5

Robson Green and Simone Lahbib are back on the trail of horrific and callous serial killers in a new series of the hard-hitting and acclaimed ITV1 drama Wire in the Blood from Coastal Productions.

Robson Green plays clinical psychologistt Dr Tony Hill, whose uncanny ability to see into the minds of murderers affects him deeply as he finds it difficult to distance himself from disturbing cases. Simone Lahbib is DI Alex Fielding, who has learned to trust that Tony’s intuition can sometimes mean the key to cracking a case when physical evidence is hard to come by. The drama also stars Emma Handy as DC Paula McIntyre and Mark Letheren as DS Kevin Geoffries.

The four new, feature-length episodes see Alex and Tony join forces to hunt down the men or women responsible for a catalogue of terrifying and shocking killings. Wire in the Blood is based originally on the books by top crime writer Val McDermid. As well as sales to more than 30 countries around the world, including America and Australia, it has picked up several international awards.

Episode 1 "The Colour of Amber", first broadcast on ITV1, 11th July 2007.

Episode 2 "Nocebo", first broadcast on ITV1, 18th July 2007.

Episode 3 "Name of Angels", first broadcast on ITV1, 25th July 2007.

Episode 4 "Anything You Can Do", first broadcast on ITV1, 1st August 2007.