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Wire in the Blood: Series 6

Robson Green has to confront a cannibal killer with a deadly vendetta in a new series of hard-hitting and acclaimed drama Wire in the Blood from Coastal Productions. The gritty films see eccentric clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill (Robson Green) facing his criminal nemesis – with devastating consequences for both him and his police colleague Detective Inspector Alex Fielding, played by Simone Lahbib.

Tony’s battle with the killer Michael (Jolyon Baker) forms the backbone to the eight-week series, which has a new format of four two-part stories. When human remains are found on wasteland, Alex brings in Tony to investigate theories of honour killings and fetishism. But the killer has Tony in his sights and the inquiry becomes frighteningly personal. Tony also finds himself a prime suspect in a police investigation when a woman who tries to seduce him at an experimental psychology convention is found dead.

Alex and Tony also join forces to track down the men or women responsible for a catalogue of shocking attacks in the northern town of Bradfield, including a series of prostitute murders, the mysterious disappearance of young men and bizarre killings of homeless people. Tony’s uncanny understanding of human behaviour enables him to empathise with both victim and killer – even to the point of almost sensing the killings themselves.

Episodes 1 & 2: "Unnatural Vices", first part broadcast on ITV1 on 12th September 2008, second part broadcast on 19th September 2008.

Episodes 3 & 4: "Falls the Shadows", first part broadcast on ITV1 on 26th September 2008, second part broadcast on 3rd October 2008.

Episodes 5 & 6: "From the Defeated", first part broadcast on ITV1 on 9th October 2008, second part broadcast on 16th October 2008.

Episodes 7 & 8: "The Dead Land", first part broadcast on ITV1 on 23rd October 2008, second part broadcast on 30th October 2008.