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Wolf Girl

UK Publisher: Corgi Children's

Anglo-Saxon England and Cwen, a poor weaver woman, employed at the newly built abbey of Whitby, is accused of possessing a valuable necklace belonging to the royal family. If found guilty, the punishment could be death by stoning, burning or hanging. Wulfrun, Cwen’s daughter, is desperate to prove her mother’s innocence, but wherever she turns for help, she encounters lies and treachery.

In this time of political turbulence in the north-east of England, everyone has something to hide or is fighting for a cause in particular the beautiful Irminbergh who, entrusted with the care of the king’s daughter, Princess Elfled, is determined to keep Wulfrun from influencing her charge.

But it is Elfled who, after a stormy start, becomes Wulfrun’s staunchest ally. Together they undertake journeys on horseback, battle against wind and weather, trace people from the past and remain undaunted by the imminent threat of danger from marauding armies. Their determination is rewarded by its results. Here is a superb storyteller at her best – “Wolf Girl” is a novel that will hold the reader turning the pages, until the last twist of the plot is revealed.