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UK Publisher: Bantam

‘I believe, from what I can hear, that either my daughter or my wife has just been attacked. I don’t know the outcome. The house is silent.’

Fourteen years ago two teenage lovers were brutally murdered in a patch of remote woodland. The prime suspect confessed to the crimes and was imprisoned.

Now, one family is still trying to put the memory of the killings behind them. But at their isolated hilltop house . . . the nightmare is about to return.


“Brilliant brilliant writing. Inventive, fascinating and disturbing as ever, Mo Hayder is right at the top of the game when it comes to terrific Crime and Psychological thrillers.” –

“Sexual obsession, rejection as fuel for violence and revenge on the part of an arms dealer all add to a chilling, ominous atmosphere…another adventure for Caffery.” – Kirkus Reviews.

“Mo Hayder is a master of ratcheting up tension throughout a book – to the point that one must simply finish it before doing anything else. Such is the case with WOLF. I read it within 24 hours of opening the first page (a rarity for me).” – Deadly Pleasures

“It builds to its mesmerising climax with a brilliantly paced sense of menace. Masterful.” – Francesca Cookney, Sunday Mirror

“Hayder keeps you guessing adroitly – and has, in Caffrey, a maverick cop so fascinatingly weird that he makes Ian Rankin’s Rebus seem a stolid conformist.” – Sunday Times, Culture Magazine

“Anyone who finds the story repugnant is too easily repugged. Hayder’s work and characters are worth the unending nightmares they will inspire.” – The New York Times

Mo Hayder left school at fifteen. Gifted with intelligence, determined to shape her own future she worked as an actress...