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Jem Dryer

They assist Clare Israel and Georgie Smith.

They graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA in Philosophy in 2019. They went on to intern at production companies like Pathé UK and Silver Salt Films, and act as a freelance script and book reader for a variety of other production companies and book scouts, before landing as a development assistant for Shot of Tea. After interning at DHA for 9 months, they then moved up to an assistant position.

Their favourite films are generally anything slow and miserable, so Blade Runner, The Turin Horse, Jeanne Dielman, Stalker and Aftersun delight them to no end.

When it comes to TV, they love a good show about death/grief, so can be found endlessly re-watching The Leftovers and Six Feet Under. They are also a giant nerd and utterly adore Doctor Who, Star Trek (but not any of the new stuff, thank you very much), and Buffy. And because they wouldn’t want you to think them utterly humourless, they would like to mention a love of Frasier that started the moment they could open their eyes.