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Nicky Lund

Running the amazing DHA film and TV team is honestly such a privilege in every way!

My colleagues are incredible. Their enthusiasm, creativity, efficiency and attention to detail are second to none. If I was a screenwriter or book author looking for first-rung management with its attendant advice, feedback and non-stop professional care I would look no further.

J, Alexi, Sam and Jon, Michelle and Jonathan are just a few of my treasured screenwriter clients of whose achievements I am so proud.

Cressida, Kate, Bernard, Paula, Jessica, Holly, Araminta – thank you! And Nick, big things to come! The books you have written are an honour to represent for film/TV and stage adaptation. Estate management is also so special and strategic, who would not be excited to work with the original author’s talented and kind trustees. Camilla, you are the best!

No agenting day is the same, it is full of happy creative surprises, sometimes knotty problem-solving and always exciting negotiation. Stimulating beyond.

Our inspirational MD asked that we write personal bios rather than the somewhat formal CV-type previous entries and I really like that steer because it’s all about DHA’s hands-on support, enthusiasm and getting our clients the very best deals. Nothing beats it.

And, of course, the absolute magic at all times of going to the cinema and watching those credits roll!

I am assisted by Laney Gibbons.