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James McCarthy

James McCarthy is a screenwriter currently based at Jesus College, Cambridge. He loves writing “heightened genre” pieces where he can add left-field elements to commercial ideas. He also loves historical dramas. Excited by both TV and film, James is developing original projects and working on commissioned pieces.


Sentinel (2018) A TV thriller series developed with producers Gareth Wiley and Teun Hilte. Pilot Episode and bible written.


Armadillo (2017) A TV thriller series developed with producer Nicholas Yearwood and Duchess Street Productions. Pilot Episode and bible written.


(2013-2015) Film treatment optioned by Hollywood production company. Wrote original screenplay (with revisions) for them.


Safe From Harm (2012-2013) Original Film spec screenplay optioned by Element Pictures. Wrote revised drafts for them.


 I’m On Fire (2010) A coming of age thriller, original spec.


The Poison Tree (2008) Psychological thriller. Original spec written in collaboration with J Blakeson.


The Descent Part 2 (2006-2008) Celador Films. Feature film written in collaboration with J Blakeson. Sequel to the 2005 horror hit The Descent Release date – December 2009.


Now You See Her… (2004-2005) Written for producer James Gay-Rees/Midfield Films. Psychological thriller.


Unreality Inc. (2003-2004) Working Title Films. Feature Film. Original High Concept action thriller written in collaboration with J Blakeson.


The Iron Stuff (2003-2004) Screenplay about the 1904 Tour de France. Before Lance Armstrong’s “victories” this was the most cheated race in Tour history with the first four riders being disqualified and the fifth placed Henri Cornet becoming (and remaining) the youngest ever to win.


Cool (2002-2003) Feature film screenplay written for director Jeremy Wooding


The Rising (2001) Original UK-based supernatural thriller.


Winner of the Carl Foreman Screenwriting Scholarship given in association with BAFTA (1995)