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Jacqueline Wilson revisits the Girls series in her new adult novel

Jacqueline Wilson returns to the Girls series in a new adult novel, Think Again, publishing in September 2024 with Transworld. The novel brings back some of her most memorable characters and follows them through the trials and tribulations of adult life.

In 1997, Jacqueline Wilson published the first title, Girls in Love, in what was to become a best-selling four book series charting the lives, loves and tribulations of three teenage friends, Ellie, Magda and Nadine.  Now, writing for adult readers, Jacqueline Wilson revisits her main characters as they navigate their lives as late thirty-somethings.

Being an adult isn’t quite what Ellie Allard dreamed it would be when she was 14 years old. Though she’s got her beautiful daughter Lottie, life-long best friends Magda and Nadine and her trusty cat Stella, her love life is non-existent and she feels like she’s been living on auto-pilot, just grateful to be able to afford the rent on her pokey little flat. But this year, on her birthday, the universe seems to decide it’s time for all that to change – whether Ellie wants it to or not. As she navigates new, exciting and often choppy waters, she’s about to discover that life will never stop surprising you – if only you let it.

The Girls novels will be reissued by their original publisher, Transworld.