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Katharina Volckmer’s The Appointment will return to the stage at the Teatro Franco Parenti this April

Adapted and directed by Fabio Cherstich, the bold and powerful production returns to the stage from the 3 to the 11 of April 2024 following the immensely successful run in 2021. For more information and tickets, click here.

The Appointment was Katharina’s debut novel which has now been translated into 12 different languages and has been staged and broadcast on the radio multiple times.

The Appointment situates itself in a well-appointed examination in London, where we meet aa young woman as she  unburdens herself to a certain Dr Seligman. Though she can barely see above his head, she holds forth about her life and desires, and her struggles with her sexuality and identity. Born and raised in Germany, she has been living in London for several years, determined to break free from her family origins and her haunted homeland.

In a monologue that is both razor-sharp and subversively funny, she takes us on a wide-ranging journey from outre sexual fantasies and overbearing mothers to the medicinal properties of squirrel tails and the enduring legacy of shame. With The Appointment, her audacious debut novel, Katharina Volckmer challenges our notions of what is fluid and what is fixed and injects a dose of Bernhardian snark into contemporary British fiction.